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First I want to let you know I have both the regular charging pad and this Fast charging pad. They both work fine, but this one really charges up your phone fast. Easy to use charging pad. I purchased the normal charging pad first before knowing there was a fast charger model. So I use the normal charging pad in on the night stand for night charging. If I need my phone charged up Fast I use this Fast charging pad in the kitchen. I get home from work and drop it on the fast charger. Later use the phone around the house, then when I go to get I place it on the normal charging pad. If I only had money for one, get this Fast charging pad. Hope this helps you decide.hour

Stephen Bradshaw

I was pleasantly surprised by the quality and functionality of this car Mount holder/Charger kit. The car Mount has a very smart design. It literally hold the phone to keep it secure, while giving me an option to easily adjust the angel of the phone. I just slide the phone in, and this Car Mount hold it nice and snug. The cool thing is that this kit also comes with car charger and universal multi-functional charging cable. Cable can be turned from Micro USB to USB-C comparable by putting on the transition attachment. This is the most convenient car Mount system that I have ever used. I can keep my phone at the eye level when I am driving.

Annie May

Excellent set of headphones., at a reasonable price. They are very comfortable, a problem I've had with other headphones. Very nice carrying case; micro USB charger cable included; excellent cords and plugs. The Bluetooth works flawlessly, as does the cord. Very good sound. The ANC works well but is not as strong as on more expensive models. I doubt you'll find a better noise cancelling, Bluetooth enabled, headphone for less than the $90 I paid. I've tried several over the years. You'd have to spend twice as much to get better. Since I just got them, I can't speak to their reliability over time.

Gerald S Weiss

This wireless charger is awesome! When I open the package, it looked real nice, seal well, white color. Like a new iPhone. When I connect with the computer, put my phone which with the PLASTIC COVER and PLASTIC BAND on it. It still work!!! Don’t worry about the phone cover, it really doesn’t mater! Right now I just leave my phone on it and never worry about the battery. awesome charger you deserve it!

John Jacob


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