V50 Stereo Headphones

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The Beat is ON

Focus on the beat. The V50 offers powerful stereo sound with a stylish design. Engineered with 40mm neodymium drivers, the headphones deliver a smooth and clear balance of treble, midrange, and bass, and feature an in-line microphone and remote control, so you can switch between music and phone calls with the touch of a button. Softly cushioned ear cups offer a comfortably tight seal for an immersive, distraction-free audio experience. Available in 3 distinctive colors, the V50 amplifies sound and style.

40mm Neodymium


Multifunction Button

Memory Foam

Uncompromising Sound

Premium 40mm neodymium drivers deliver powerful bass, detailed mids and sparkling highs for balanced sound at any volume.

Bold Style

Upgrade your everyday gear. The V50 is available in 3 distinctive color options, to match your personality, style, and mood.

Control at Your Fingertips

An in-line microphone and remote control let you switch between music and calls with the push of a button.

Listen in Style

Express yourself! With so many bold color options, you can match your earphones to the day’s outfit, mood, or workout.

Guaranteed Reliability

HyperGear products are performance tested and vetted through a rigorous quality inspection process to ensure reliability. HyperGear offers friendly customer service and a Limited One Year Warranty to the original purchaser that the product shall be free of defects in design, assembly, material, or workmanship.

Package Contents:
• V50 Headphones

California Prop 65 Warning

⚠ WARNING : Cancer and Reproductive Harm www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Charles Wilson
Customer review

The price and sound quality of this headphones from HyperGear can't be beat. I'll definitely be getting another pair in the future!

Frances Marie Cruz
Customer review

The sound is lovely. It's really bass-heavy, though, so if you dont like that, you might want to look elsewhere. However, it's not to the point where it's painful or takes away from the sound quality. I keep picking up little bits in songs I never noticed before, which is really nice. And as a reply to the review who said these headphones are Mono; they are not. They are definitely stereo headphones.

Andrew Blayne
Customer review

We are using these headphone for two episode recordings and I could not be happier. There is no audio bleed that I notice, and the sound is fantastic while monitoring our recording. I would highly recommend these for any podcaster, musician, or DJ. Definitely worth the investment.

Debra Lynn
Customer review

For twenty bucks, these are far and away the best sounding headphones I've ever bought. I've had headphones that cost three and four times as much from labels such as vModa, Koss, Sennheiser, etc., and none sounded any better than these. They have great bass punch without being at all muddy or rumbly, and the rest of the frequency response range sounds great as well.

Ernest Tobias
Customer review

I would highly recommend them for someone who just wants a really good sounding pair of inexpensive headphones to use at home.

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