Universal Magnetic Bike Mount

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The Ultimate Bike Mount

Stay Hands-Free for the Ride! 100% safe and powerful magnets will firmly lock your device in place at the perfect angle to keep navigation, hands-free calling, and music control securely at your fingertips even on the bumpiest roads and roughest trails! Steep inclines? The optional web harness will tightly tether your phone to the mount for absolute peace of mind.

Web Harness


Landscape View


360° Swivel Ball Technology

Effortlessly switch between portrait and landscape orientation and tilt to any viewing angle with one hand while still concentrating on the road ahead. The pivoting head design accommodates cyclists of all heights.

Install in Seconds

100% safe and powerful magnets will firmly lock your device in place onto any handlebar at the perfect angle for full screen visibility and easy access.

Hands-free Music, Navigation, & Calls

This low-profile bike mount keeps your device at eye-level and easy reach without obstructing your view of the road or blocking access to your handlebars.

Silicone Web Harness

Designed for harsh terrains, this mount includes an optional silicone web harness that will tightly tether your phone for absolute peace of mind as you power through mile after bumpy mile.

Fully Adjustable Handlebar Grips

Designed for a wide range of bars, rods, and poles, this package includes optional rubber inserts that will allow the mount to firmly clamp around thinner rails.

100% Safe Powerful Magnet

Four rare-earth neodymium magnets offer the strongest grip available to instantly secure your device to the mount through bumpiest roads and roughest trails without vibrations or wiggling. Once equipped with a metal plate, you just need to hover your device near the base and it instantly locks in place.


HyperGear is so confident in the reliability and performance of this product that we offer a hassle-free
Limited One-Year Warranty

Do Not Use a magnetic mounting system with hard drive based devices (ex. iPod classic, iPod Video, and Zune MP3) as the strong magnetic fields may damage the drive (Most smartphones use solid-state technology, which is immune to magnet interference)The Metal Plate may interfere with wireless charging. We recommend that you remove it before charging wirelesslyRugged phone cases like the Otterbox may dull the magnetic power. We advise you to stick the metal plate onto the back of thick cases

California Prop 65 Warning

⚠ WARNING : Cancer and Reproductive Harm www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Lloyd Raymond McCormick
Customer review

Great item. Solid material and fits my iPhone 8plus with its case. The magnet is super strong. I don’t think I will need to use the little rubber supports that came with it. I will try it with and without. Overall I’m very satisfied. I do wish it came with A separate peace for smaller handlebars. But I just inserted a piece of rubber to make it fit.

Sarah Ford
Customer review

Previously I used an arm band to hold my phone, but was tired of not being able to see who was calling me or see my playlist. So I started looking for an iPhone 7 holder for my bike handle, when I ran across this one with a magnet, what a perfect match! I also use a magnetic holder in my car, so it was super easy to use this one too. It came with 3 stretchy rubber nets (different colors) and they easily stretch around my iPhone 7 case too. So far, so good! I just ride around on the streets right now, have yet to test it on the mountain bike trails. Next step, I need to buy some wireless headphones.

Simeon Young Caffey
Customer review

The magnet is strong. The rubber thing that latches to your phone isn't even necessary and I can ride on bumpy roads and go over inch+ high surfaces without my phone knocking off. Definitely worth the purchase while I do deliveries on bicycle in Brooklyn and Manhattan.

Artive Rabren
Customer review

Works great. Their magnets as always are good. Just one Adjuster for extra large phones with case: use Two of the supplied silicon straps to create a larger one; not that you even need it in normal riding -the t the magnet is quite strong.

Kelly Brooke
Customer review

Wow! Absolutely great! It holds super tight to the handlebars and is still very adjustable.
High quality magnets hold really firm, I don't even need the extra security of the nice rubber holder. I wouldn't change a single thing about it!

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