Sound Wavez Braided Earphones - Green

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High-Fidelity Stereo Sound

Powerful 10mm Neodymium Drivers let you experience heart-pounding audio with powerful bass and clear highs for stunning high fidelity sound.

In-Line Remote and Microphone

Designed for hands-free music and calls with an in-line remote that lets you seamlessly switch between your music playlist and phone calls. The noise-cancelling microphone allows your voice to come through clearly while blocking out background noises for excellent call quality.

Noise Isolating

The included silicone ear gels have three size options to ensure the perfect fit that will lock in your sound and seal out distracting noises for truly immersive listening.

Comfortable and Secure Fit

The lightweight ear gels are soft and flexible so you can listen all day with zero ear fatigue.

All Day Play

Designed with durable braided cables that actively resist tangling so you can stay connected to your sound day after day, without worrying about snags or fraying.

Personalize It

With 4 bold color combinations, the Sound Wavez are colorful accessories that add a unique pop of color to match your day’s style and mood.

California Prop 65 Warning

⚠ WARNING : Cancer and Reproductive Harm

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Customer review

Really happy with this little purchase! I've started going back to the gym and wanted to play music through my phone without bothering anyone else. My old headphones were the kind that wrap around your ear, like athletic glasses and that just wasn't working for me anymore. They wouldn't stay in my ears no matter what I did. I purchased these after one reviewer said these worked because they create a slight seal inside the ear, so they stay put. And that reviewer was right! They fit perfectly! No discomfort, no tightness, no popping when I take them out, and no sounds gets in or out. Well, not entirely true- with no music on, outside sounds are slightly muffled, but with music on, there is no interference.

Customer review

I originally purchased a pair of some super expensive corded headphones that had a mic installed and fancy earphones and a volume control on the cord and all this other stuff (just to make them expensive). They broke within 6 months, with one ear gradually losing sound until no amount of jiggling could make them work. I was so disappointed in their lifespan for the price, I decided to replace them with something cheap (we're all trying to save money, right?). I have to say, for these are so worth it. Great sound. Been using them for 5 months on the daily and they’re still going strong. For the price? Nothing better. I bought my girlfriend the pink one. She wanted green, I called HyperGear customer service to ask to swap and the girl I spoke to was super helpful and agreed to swap them out since they were unopened. Now we have matching green buds.

Customer review

I can't stress how much I love these. I've got a reputation for being too rough with my headphones, and I am known for breaking them in record time, all the time. I can't even imagine how much money I've flushed down the drain trying to find a pair that’ll last. I'm talking about going 3-4 pairs in a span of a month. I'm horrible when it comes to keeping these things. I decided to try these new earphones because the price point is just right and the green color popped. They sound great, they feel great, and the most impressive thing is THEY REALLY LAST. I mean I'm in shock. I've accidentally them in between my car seats and had to yank them out. They've endured! I don't honestly think I'll be buying any other brands soon…

Customer review

I will never again pay $50 for "top-rated", brand name ear buds ever again. These earbuds are the pure utility, throw away and don't worry sort of ear buds I always wanted but quality is NOT sacrificed. I use my ear buds all the time. I run and work out with them, sometimes I fall asleep listening to music with them (then of course end up tangled in them by the time you wake up)... point is, excellent quality. Try it. Then you’ll come back and buy a few more.

Customer review

Since my last pair of headphones finally broke after 4 years I decided it was time for a cheap replacement. I love HyperGear. I came across these and looked at a few reviews and went for it. The package comes with the headphones along with 3 different ear piece gel sizes. The wire for these headphones is really soft and weighs basically nothing, it reminds me of string. The ear pieces fit into my ear perfectly and then don't fall out when I got jogging or workout. The sound quality was amazing. I use them mainly for watching shows off my phone in between my classes. All in all these are great headphones, and i personally don't see any deal-breaker flaws that aren’t a simple issue of not buying $300 earphones that will massage my ears as I use them.

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