Sound Wavez Braided Earphones - Blue

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High-Fidelity Stereo Sound

Powerful 10mm Neodymium Drivers let you experience heart-pounding audio with powerful bass and clear highs for stunning high fidelity sound.

In-Line Remote and Microphone

Designed for hands-free music and calls with an in-line remote that lets you seamlessly switch between your music playlist and phone calls. The noise-cancelling microphone allows your voice to come through clearly while blocking out background noises for excellent call quality.

Noise Isolating

The included silicone ear gels have three size options to ensure the perfect fit that will lock in your sound and seal out distracting noises for truly immersive listening.

Comfortable and Secure Fit

The lightweight ear gels are soft and flexible so you can listen all day with zero ear fatigue.

All Day Play

Designed with durable braided cables that actively resist tangling so you can stay connected to your sound day after day, without worrying about snags or fraying.

Personalize It

With 4 bold color combinations, the Sound Wavez are colorful accessories that add a unique pop of color to match your day’s style and mood.

California Prop 65 Warning

⚠ WARNING : Cancer and Reproductive Harm

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Knight Walker
Customer review

I highly recommend these earphones for only SOME users. Lemme explain. I’ve watched movies, listened to music while mowing the lawn (these were sufficient at for drowning out most noise), worked out with them, and used them for playing games. The best things I would recommend them for are for just casually listening to music and watching movies. These definitely beat a lot of over the ear headphones that I’ve owned. The sound is balanced and I could hear everything almost exactly like the original audio recording. They also had a reasonable audio level and got as loud as I needed them before I hit the highest setting.

I would not recommend these for working out, as they just kept falling out of my ears and distracting me while I was running. I don’t think my ears are that sweaty. I also would say that these are not an acceptable headphone for FPS or multiplayer gaming, as you really need an over the ear set to amp up all the noise in the game and help give you directional listening. I could not pinpoint footsteps / etc. with these earbuds as well as with my Audio Technica Headset. Also, you need a decent mic for voice chat and this model is okay for casual conversation only. Generally though, these are worth it for everything else mentioned.

Robbie Myers
Customer review

I think these sound great and have a full range of sound and are really clear. I wanted a backup pair of earphones to stash in my gym bag (I hate forgetting them and being without). Anyway. I thought the style was fun so I figured I try them out. Glad I did. Of course, with this type of headphone fit is key to getting the proper bass. They give you a range of ear tip sizes in the case so you can get the right fit. The small ones worked perfectly in my ears.

Andy Brixton
Customer review

The earbuds arrived in a package I could open it without a knife or 4 extra hands. That’s already a win. The ergonomic earbuds are designed to fit snugly in your ear. It comes with a ridiculous amount of earbud sizes. I was fine with the ones on the earphones already, which were the Mediums. The cable feels a bit flimsy, but I’ve yanked on it and gotten it stuck in a car door and it still works, so maybe they know what they’re talking about when they call it durable. The earbuds gels have a smooth touch and look OK. The sound quality is surprisingly good. The bass is good, and it can go pretty loud.

Yolanda Vercruz
Customer review

For the price, incredible! Although not the ultimate in sound quality, very very good, especially as a cheap replacement (and upgrade!) from stock ipod earphones. Bass is great, mids good, highs clear.

Patty La Fontaine
Customer review

These are a great pair of ear buds. I keep them with me whenever I have the opportunity to listen to music because they have great sound quality. When using these, I do not need to turn my phone all the way up to hear them at a good volume which is a very good feature. I have had them for about four month now, so yes they are very reliable. This was a good price for some headphones that go beyond just getting the job done. If you are still considering, this is the best deal out of a lot of the products I found when searching. They are easy to use and they provide excellent comfort when inserting them into your ears. It makes the listener want to keep them in for the peacefulness. Like I said, I recommend this for earbud shoppers. Very good sound quality is what I focus on and it provides. I use it more for music than calls, but I’ve had several conversations and have heard no complaints from the people on the other end of the line.

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